Flight Schools and Airlines

Flight Schools

We work closely with flight schools to make sure your students get the best theoretical knowledge training. You need your  flight instructors to be flying and it’s difficult to find experienced, dedicated theoretical knowledge instructors. We can handle that side of your school while you get on with the business of flying training.

  • Ensure high quality content
  • Standardization
  • Branded portals for large schools
  • Retain tech savvy students
  • Regular progress reports
  • Get your students back to the flight line


What are your expensive training Captains doing in the classroom when you need them on the line or simulator? Type ratings, recurrent simulator training, RVSM, PBN, TCAS, AWOPS, Cold weather ops and more can all be done by your crew on their own, and you can be certain everyone received exactly the same, standardized preparation for simulator and line training.

  • Upload your own courses
  • Or let us create them for you
  • Standardized, repeatable training
  • Ensure essential information reaches all crew
  • Automatic HR notification of pass / fail
  • Branded portals for large clients

Corporate Training

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It’s not just Flight Operations that has training needs, aviation businesses regularly require training for their other staff. We can assist you in providing training such as induction, safety awareness, airside / apron safety and flight following.

  • We can create courses for you
  • Or host your own
  • Satisfy audit requirements
  • Automatic HR notification of pass /fail

Our team is available to assist you with any of you training needs. We’d love to hear from you and see where we can help.