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Join us in our virtual classroom (not zoom) and our very experienced Instructors, will enhance your knowledge. All our CPL instructors either hold an ATPL or are a subject matter expert such as an ATC or engineer.   This means our sessions are not only educational but they also provide insight into real life operations. So they will not only help you in passing your exams but also make you a safer pilot.

Our ground schools currently run every 2nd Tuesday, and IROP’s is every 3rd month. Please purchase your sessions from our shop prior to booking your session. 

Please purchase the courses via the store and then complete the registration below. Approximately 24 hours prior to the session commencing students who have completed both of these steps will receive an email with the login password. If the email is not in your inbox please check your junk mail.

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If you are having problem areas in the subject or have a question you need help with during your session. Please submit the topic.

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