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    1.How shall a pilot Inform the control tower that he has to abandon the take-off Manoeuvre?


    B.Abandoning Take-off

    C.Aborting Take-Off

    D.Cancelling Take-Off


    2.When a Pilot Aborts a take-off after being instructed by an Air Traffic Controller ,the Pilot’s radio response will contain the phrase:





    Anthony Foxcroft

    Hi Ahmed,

    I cannot find any guidance for this phraseology in AIC 005-2018 which leads me to believe this is a question the CAA may have bought from the EASA database.

    In the South African AIC 005-2018 the only guidance given is for the phraseology to be used for an ATC to stop a takeoff after the aircraft has commenced the takeoff roll: “callsign ABORT TAKE-OFF (repeat callsign) I SAY AGAIN ABORT TAKE-OFF” to which the pilot should reply “ABORTING”.

    The phrases “ROGER”, “WILCO” and “STOPPING” no longer appear in the AIC.

    If you get this question in the exam I think it should be appealed as none of the answers comply with the SA circular.

    In order to answer this question though the guidance from UK CAP 413 (on which the EASA questions is based) may be helpful.

    Paragraph 4.42 (page 18) states that the pilot should use the phrases “STOPPING” and the ATC should acknowledge with the callsign only.

    For your first question I would answer A instead of C as I suspect the CAA may still have the  EASA answer. For your second question I would answer A. Technically none of the answers are correct as the proper response should be callsign only (for both South Africa and EASA) but the phrase “ROGER” is still allowed in EASA and defined as “I have received all your last transmission.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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